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The Forensic Truth

Karla Homolka was employed as a veterinary assistant.  Ted Bundy was a renter. What kind of neighbor was Ted? Elizabeth Wettlaufer worked as a nurse.  Andrea Giesbrecht worked at a coffee shop. They are all serial killers. Yet they all worked and lived around us. What kind of people do you live and work with everyday?

It is not the murderers and the rapists that we need to worry about-although we do to some extent-it is the other types of people that cause the most pain. It is our passive-aggressive boss, our narcissistic coworker who is trying to steal our job, it is our sadistic ex or our paranoid neighbor that cause the most emotional pain and harm.

How many every day people, with a few more tweaks to their personalities, could be serial killers or psychopaths?

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